Current Projects

Chieftains and Emperors (2016)

Very early in development, this is a real time strategy game being developed as a full screen pc release. More details and screenshots will be posted here soon.

Reddit Selenium API (2016)

I am currently working on a Reddit API using Selnium to automate Reddit user activities. Many features are currently implemented, such as logging in, upvoting/downvoting, commenting and searching. The software also supports multiple instances running at the same time with private proxies. The project may be released on github when I get a chance, there is no eta for progress at the moment.

Shef Jam 2 (2016)

Part way through organizing another game jam, this one 30 hours and with what looks like some game industry judges. The event will be taking place at the end of April.

Old Projects

Wiki Trumps (2016)

Top trumps with a twist - cards are generated using the data of Wikipedia pages! Made for Hack Sheffield, I worked on the client in pure js using canvas and had help from Darren Vong, who developed the server side for this game.

ShefJam (2015)

The computer science society hosted a 24 hour game jam at the University of Sheffield. The event had over 60 people in attendance and was great fun! Lots of awesome games were made and an ungodly amount of caffeine was consumed. I definitely plan to host more of these in the future!

MMO Map System (with auth) (2015)

Not anything I would ever release, as it was made as a learning experience and is pretty directionless. It involved the ability to login, register, move around a map and see other players. It was built as a flash client with a java and mysql backend. Maps could be loaded from the Tiled map editor, so making maps for this was painless and quite fun. I plan to use what I learned from this to make a game in the future!

MMD Anime Demo DK2 (2015)

This is a little demo I made for the Oculus Rift. It is a small gallery of 3d models and was made in Unity.

Corporate Coder (2015)

This is a multi-choice narrative with several endings, where you take on the life of the corporate coder. It was made for an FGL gamejam.

Wizard Flash (2015)

The game is based on old flash maze tricks and was developed using Haxe and Openfl. It was made for a FGL gamejam, where it won 2nd place.

Galactic Lords (2014)

This flash strategy game, based in space, was one of my first large scale projects. It was eventually sponsored by and has been worldwide played around 300,000 times.

Peter The Great Revision App (2013)

This android app contains a revision guide and quiz for those studying Peter The Great at AS level in the United Kingdom. I made this while studying for the exam as a way to keep coding but still revise for my exam.

Soviet Conquest (2010)

This was my first stratergy game, a genre I seem to enjoy programming quite a bit. It is super basic, but I just love my use of the soviet anthem! Great memories looking back at this flash monstrosity.

Balloon Pop (2010)

One of the first games I ever properly finished. Pop balloons in this super original clicking game. Well, it had achievments at least. This will always have a soft spot in my heart though!

Mad World (2009)

I made this when I was about 13 years old, I took pictures of artwork and cut them out for my graphics. It turned out quite well actually, even if the game itself has no real objective. It recieved very mixed reviews from Newgrounds, but Tom Fulp did mention it on one of his newsposts, which to 13 year old me was a real big deal! Anyway, this was one of my first games that I spent longer than a day on!